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Why Active Sitting is Healthy Sitting

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If you’ve invested in ergonomic products like a standing desk, a curvy split keyboard, or a mouse that fits the shape of your hand, you’re probably concerned about preventing musculoskeletal injuries. But there are other products you can add to round out your ergonomic workstation, including active sitting options.

What is Active Sitting?

Active sitting, also known as dynamic sitting, encourages people to remain in motion rather than staying in a rigid seated posture. Active seating products not only accommodate but promote the natural movements of the body and can help improve spinal positioning and muscle stimulation. In other words, active sitting is fidget-friendly and can also help improve concentration.

Even those who have gotten used to standing during the workday need a rest sometimes, and that’s where active seating comes in. Active seating refers to stools or standing desk chairs that promote movement while you sit; they can include balance balls, wobbly stools, and other seating options that help you work your core muscles while you’re sitting. When you use active seating, you can help improve your posture and boost your energy levels during the day—it’s nearly impossible to slouch when you use active seating!

You can find a wide variety of active seating options for sale, but if you already have a sit-to-stand desk, consider a height-adjustable wobbling stool that adjusts to the height you need for standing or sitting. These standing desk chairs are easy to move from place to place because they’re lightweight enough to be easily portable. That’s especially important when you first start using active seating—you might need some time to adjust. In other words, don’t retire your current office chair right away, and give yourself time to get used to active seating.

A Wobbling Stool for Healthy Sitting

A wobbling stool is an active seating choice that’s great when paired with an adjustable height computer workstation. Active seating stools and chairs wobble and wiggle to help you increase your physical activity while you work. Physical activity increases blood flow, which helps boost oxygen to your brain, and in turn, can help keep your energy levels more consistent throughout the day, contributing to your overall health.

You can buy ergonomic products like our Wobble Stool, which can help you work your core muscles—and it’s fun to use! If your core muscles are weak, your back muscles have to work harder, and that can lead to back pain. A good-quality active seating option will work your core muscles, your back, and your leg muscles, all while helping keep your spine aligned. When you use active seating while you work, you can boost your energy levels during the day, since you won’t be slouching.

When you use an adjustable height computer workstation, you move it up and down to use while standing and sitting. The Wobble Stool is the perfect companion for a sit-to-stand desk, because it’s also height adjustable, and enables your sitting time to be more active.

There’s a wide variety of active seating options on the market today, but the Wobble Stool is versatile because it’s adjustable to heights suitable for standing or sitting. It’s lightweight so you can easily move it from your desk to the conference room to the breakroom and your coworker’s desk—and anywhere in between.

A lightweight stool that you can quickly switch out with an ordinary office chair is especially important when you first start using active seating—you might need some time to get used to it. When you buy ergonomic products like a wobbling stool, you might find that you need some adjustment time. A wobbling stool is designed to give your feet a break when you’ve been standing for a while. It’s not designed to be your favorite easy chair. You might not want to get rid of your old office chair right away, until you acclimate to standing while working and using active seating.

But if you’ve got health issues—particularly serious back issues like herniated discs, you should probably check with a healthcare provider to make sure that using an active seating option like a wobbling stool won’t make your condition worse.

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