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Buy RISE UP Standing Desk & save $100s on accessories

Buy RISE UP Standing Desk & save $100s on accessories

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Ergonomic Reading Stands - Infographic

Seeking a unique gift for your student? Consider a reading stand!

​Benefits of a Workplace Ergonomics Process

Occupational ergonomics continues to emerge as one of the priority workplace issues addressed by employers today. This is driven primarily by the need to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Many workplace injuries are due to poor ergonomic conditions. Most companies attribute the high incidence of MSDs to: Reduction of other types of injuries. As a result of programs focused on reducing and [...]

​10 Office Ergonomics Tips to Help You Avoid Fatigue

Ergonomics is the science and study of the relationship between a worker and the essential functions of their occupation. It focuses on how we interact with the environment when we are working, and our body position. Not employing ergonomic principles when working, pain and injury can result in lost work time, which can cost an individual and business a significant [...]

​Lower Body Exercises to Do at Work

A common issue many are faced with is poor posture as a result of modern-day lifestyles. Sitting at a computer desk all day is stressful to back and neck muscles. This contributes to poor posture and misaligns your sense of balance. Poor posture may create other problems such as back ache, fatigue, and even affect your cognitive function. When [...]

​Upper Body Exercises to Do at Work

Have you heard that sitting too much can lead to a variety of health problems? Many scientific studies suggest that the longer we sit, the more damage we do to our bodies. One of the most disappointing findings of these studies is that a few trips to the gym doesn’t make up for the negative effects of sitting. James [...]

Why Buy an Adjustable Height Desk Frame Only?

You’ve been hearing about how height adjustable sit-to-stand desks can help prevent fatigue and increase productivity. And you’ve decided to purchase an adjustable height standing desk. Is it going to easily fit into your current décor or is it going to become an eyesore? What do you do when none of the choices you’ve seen so far are what [...]

​Using a Standing Desk is Hard Work

Understanding Where The Health Benefits from Using A Standing Desk DeriveStanding Desks—We Love Them! We Use Them! But Standing Desks Require Physical WorkStanding Desks are great pieces of office furniture that give you the freedom to sit, stand, and move more during the workday. That’s good, because breaking our traditionally sedentary office life by moving has been associated [...]

​What’s the best standing desk stool?

An Adjustable Height Perch & Wobble Stool Standing Desks Are Great, but Sometimes You Want to Sit Standing at your desk can be great for your health and fitness. Like all workouts (even low-intensity ones), standing all day at the office can be fatiguing. In general, most people want to break up their day by sitting periodically—and sitting sometimes is generally ok!Sit [...]

​5 Reasons to Use a Keyboard Tray

No matter what kind of desk you have, whether you sit or stand while you work—or both—you should pay attention to where your keyboard is located. To help prevent musculoskeletal problems like hand and wrist pain, or even carpal tunnel syndrome, you should position your keyboard at elbow height, where your arms are bent at about a 90-degree angle. If [...]