CHANGEdesk Mini Standing Desk Conversion

Ships fast in ~24 hrs!

A simple way to stand up and work at any desk:

  • QUICK Sit-to-stand in seconds.
  • EASY: Adjust workspace height with a spring-assisted, single locking lever.

An affordable, adjustable-height desktop riser that lets you sit and stand in comfort.

CHANGEdesk Mini is the smallest and simplest desktop riser in the patented CHANGEdesk series. It's a convenient Laptop Standing Desk - the 27.5x19.5" top panel is the perfect size to hold your notebook and work materials.  Plenty of space for a single monitor + keyboard + mouse, CHANGEdesk Mini is a quick and effective way to stand up at any desk.


  • HEIGHT RANGE: Min Height = 3" | Max Height = 14| 4 Height Settings (3, 6, 10, 14")
  • ADJUSTMENT TYPE: A single adjustment lever quickly adjusts your workspace height.
  • SPRING-ASSISTED up/down motion is fast, safe and effective.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE: Weighs only 21 lbs and can be easily moved
  • NO installation or assembly required!

  • Downloads: Instruction Manual

An affordable, simple, and fast standing desk conversion for laptops & desktops. Squeeze the lever and quickly move between sitting and standing with this easy, height-adjustable standing desk riser. CHANGEdesk MINI is a portable, lightweight stand up desk riser and one of the best laptop standing desk risers requiring no assembly and no installation.


How much assembly is required?

NONE! CHANGEdesk Mini ships fully assembled, requires NO assembly and NO installation.

How do I adjust the height?

Grasp both sides of the top panel, squeeze the lever on the right side, adjust the height to your desired setting, release the lever and lock the panel in place. It takes seconds to change your workspace height.

Will it hold my LAPTOP, DESKTOP, iMAC, etc?

CHANGEdesk Mini's top panel is 27.5x19.5". It holds up to 25lbs, safely supporting most laptops and single-monitors.

Have another question?

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Simple, Fast Stand Up Conversion for Laptops & Desktops.
* # Height Settings:
4 Heights (3, 6, 10, 14")
Top Panel Dimensions:
* Min Height:
How Does It Adjust?:
Single Locking Lever w/ Spring-Assisted Height Adjustment
* Max Height:
Steel & Premium MDF
* Product Weight:
21 lbs
4 Non-Skid & Non-Scratch Feet