KT1 - Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

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Fully adjustable, under-desk keyboard tray:

  • Completely Adjustable: Elevate, tilt, swivel keyboards to the perfect position for you.
  • Promotes Wrist Health: Type with a neutral or negative wrist angle.

Finally an affordable under desk keyboard stand that's actually useful.

Custom-engineered to optimize typing comfort, KT1 is fully adjustable. Swivel, slide, tilt, and raise your keyboard until you've got it adjusted to perfection.  The ergonomic keyboard tray comes with an attached mouse pad that easily connects to the right or left side. Order today - your wrists will thank you! 


  • Raise keyboards to any height from 4.5" below your desk to desk-level.
  • Tilt keyboard angle for optimal typing posture
  • Swivel left & right for easy access
  • Slide in and out
  • Quick intuitive adjustment
  • Easy installation (quick, secure 8-point mount)
  • Mouse Pad adjusts independently & connects to both right and left sides.

  • Downloads: Installation Manual | Dimensions & Components


NEW! Add KT BRIDGE to your order and securely mount KT1 over any crossbar 1.75" thick or less! Perfect for standing desks! 





Truly ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray. Adjustable height + negative tilt + swivels + slides + independently adjustable mouse pad. A perfect adjustable standing desk keyboard tray with negative tilt.


How does KT1 mount to a desk?

Use the included screws to bolt the guide rail to the underside of your desk. KT1 slides securely in an out on this guide rail

Is KT1 adjustable?

YES! KT1 slides in and out + the keyboard tray angle is adjustable so you can type a neutral or negative wrist angle. The mouse pad is independently adjustable ensuring that you mouse is always level.

Does the mouse pad work for left-handed people?

YES! The mouse pad is easily removable & adjustable. It connects equally as well to the right or left side.

Oh no .. the guide rail is too long for my desk! What should I do?

Our steel guide rails can be easily cut-to-size with a metal saw (or you can by most handymen or machine shops). Cutting the guide rail to size shouldn’t affect KT1’s function.

Note: if you choose to modify KT1, it is not returnable.

Truly ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray. Adjustable height + negative tilt + swivels + slides + independently adjustable mouse pad.
* Keyboard Panel Dimensions:
18.5" (w) x 8.75" (d)
High Strength Steel + Premium Bakelite
* Mouse Pad Dimensions:
7" (w) x 8.75" (d)
Is the mouse pad adjustable?:
Yes. Slides left & right + tilts.
* Rail Length (mounts to your desk):
Installation required?:
Yes, simple installation is required.
Is the height adjustable?:
Yes. From 4" below your desk to desk-height.
Can you adjust the typing angle?:
Yes. Keyboard tray angle is adjustable.
Does it pivot?:
Yes. KT1 easily swivels left & right
Is KT1 adjustable?:
Yes, slides in & out. Keyboard tray tilts. Height adjusts. Mouse pad adjusts.
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