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  • LIFTb Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Computer Monitor Riser
  • LIFTb Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Computer Monitor Stand
  • LIFTw Dimensions Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Computer Monitor Riser
  • LIFTw Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Computer Monitor Riser
  • LIFTw Tall Affordable Adjustable Height iMac Stand
  • LIFTw Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Computer Monitor stand
  • LIFTw Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Desktop Computer Monitor Riser
  • LIFTb Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Desktop Computer Monitor Riser
  • LIFTb Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Desktop Computer Monitor Stand
  • LIFTw Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Sit Stand Computer Monitor Riser

LIFT - adjustable height computer monitor stand




Meet LIFT – a patent-pending adjustable height monitor riser designed for the sit/stand world.

LIFT holds computer monitors at a comfortable height when sitting or standing at a desk. An easy height-adjustment lets you quickly convert from sitting to standing. The smooth top & lower shelves are great for writing & organization. Plus they elevate essential work materials when standing. A strong aluminum frame supports all monitors including iMacs.

Simple Height Adjustment

  • Grasp levers to raise/lower LIFT
  • Easily convert from sitting to standing

Strong & Stable, LIFT holds

  • Single Monitors
  • Dual Monitors
  • iMacs & All-in-One's

Make a simple standing desk conversion by adding a keyboard tray!

  • 18" wide tray holds most keyboards
  • Adjust keyboard angle & height up to 18"
  • Type with wrists neutral or drooping down naturally
  • Decrease wrist fatigue


What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other specs?

Visit the LIFT webpage and click on the word "SPECS"

Will LIFT hold my monitor?

LIFT supports loads under 30lbs. In general, it holds most modern flat screen& all-in-one monitors safely.

Does LIFT work with Laptops?

Yes, LIFT can support your laptop and elevate it to a comfortable standing height.

Will LIFT hold 2 monitors?

LIFT’s panel measures ~26.5" (w) x 16" (d). It holds two 19" desktop monitors in a side-by-side configuration. Larger monitors need to be setup in a V-orientation (which you might find more comfortable.

The lowest height is too tall for me, what should I do?

Research indicates that standing is healthier than sitting & we chose to design LIFT to be optimal for standing. If you find LIFT’s lowest height is too tall, we suggest using a taller chair or stool (like the Wobble Stool). Generally, sitting higher facilitates movement leading to a happier, healthier desk environment.


Average Rating: 4 Stars
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  1. 4 Star Review Save Money and Feel Better

    This desk was a great way to get standing without spending too much money. It's a little cumbersome to adjust the height, but i don't plan on putting it to sitting level any time soon. Very attractive in white - like an IKEA product.

    Posted by on 22nd Jan 2016

  2. 5 Star Review So Simple!

    Love this. I could not be happier. Such an economical yet elegant solution. Love this and they keyboard/mouse rest. Considering the Wobble chair.

    Posted by on 2nd Aug 2015

  3. 5 Star Review Lift is awesome!

    Lift has helped work while standing. This product will help my health and my productivity!

    Posted by on 15th Jul 2015

  4. 5 Star Review Perfect for Standing Desk Transition

    I saw all the articles about the dangers of too much sitting but since I already had a home office equipped with desk and chair I really didn't want to spend a lot of dollars on a standing desk too. Along comes Lift. Reasonably priced, and perfect to get two monitors at a height where I could stand. I got the WorkEZ keyboard tray too and for around $150 I was set. Lift is adjustable and lightweight so if I need to sit down I put the monitors back on my desk, put LIFT aside, and sit down. Great product.

    Posted by on 18th Mar 2015

  5. 3 Star Review Not completely satisfied and sent back the product

    I found two negative issues.
    1) the height was too high for useage in even a very low desk.
    2) one of the leg buttons became disfunctional shortly after setting it up.

    1) the desk is a great size and light weight
    2) great idea at a good price. It would have been fine if I did all my work standing, but I sit 10-20% of the time. Lower the item was easy but raising was not so easy.

    Posted by on 8th Feb 2015

  6. 4 Star Review Good quality but needs easier up and down

    We love the product but wish it had an easier transition to down without having to remove the monitor as we use doubles. Removing them and then almost needing a 3rd hand to lower it is definitely cumbersome.

    Posted by on 27th Jan 2015

  7. 4 Star Review Monitor stand could be sturdier and smaller....

    First to anyone with neck/shoulder pain and tendonitis caused by "desk work" - I had both of these which is why I bought this product. It has 100% eliminated those pains (though my feet and lower back now need to adjust, so I bought a counter height stool to sit on occasionally throughout the day. Overall though I like the set-up and recommend a standing desk situation.

    I like the product overall but think there is room for improvement:
    Realizing a sturdier stand would likely mean a heavier stand, I do think the monitor stand could be a bit sturdier. It's not flimsy, but it definitely jiggles with a slight nudge and I suspect would topple over if ever "bumped". I love the keyboard stand and the fact that you can have it angled slightly away from your body. This helps tremendously with my tendonitis. Keyboard stand could be a bit wider - it JUST fits my keyboard with no room to spare. Also the keyboard stand tends to slide a bit on the desk so I will probably put some type of rubber feet on the bottom, like the monitor stand has.

    While it claims to hold dual monitors I did not find this to be the case unless you have two very small monitors or angle them in toward each other which I don't like. So the stand takes up more space width-wide than I need. Maybe in the future it will come in two sizes. A smaller stand in depth and width would be sturdier and eliminate that problem, as well. I use the extra space for my note pad and pen but for a "paper free" person the extra space is likely wasted.

    Posted by on 23rd Jan 2015

  8. 4 Star Review Bang for your buck!

    With all other sit/stand stations ranging in price from $400-2000 we found this to be the most competitive price out there and the product itself, not that bad.

    The keyboard tray is spectacular although the legs of the stand should be labelled A,B,C as in the instructions to make it easier to set up.

    I agree with others that the monitor stand would be too high for a sitting position, but we are using ours as a floater standing station so it's perfect!

    Best bang for your buck when it comes to standing stations!

    Posted by on 19th Nov 2014

  9. 3 Star Review Great in theory

    The unit, overall is built well and plenty sturdy to hold my rather large and heavy monitor. I am disappointed in the height of the stand - it's FAR too high even on the lowest setting for sitting (and I am not particularly short). Also, it does not smoothly lift up on both sides. I need to release one side and hold it in limbo (tilted slightly between notches) to get the second side to release.

    That being said, I really do like the keyboard stand, which is infinitely more adjustable than the monitor stand, and it is very sturdy.

    Like others have said, this is on the low-end of the price range for sit-to-stand desks, so it is still a good value for the money. With a couple of small tweaks this could be a STEAL.

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2014

  10. 3 Star Review A bit flimsy and the seated setting is too high

    It's a nice item, but a bit flimsier and less stable than you'd want. I have a monitor on it connected to a laptop under my desk - that works fine but I would not want to have my actual computer on this because I'd be afraid that it might fall over.

    Also - I am 5'11 tall. When extended to full height the Lift is good for standing (I have to use an additional 6 inch riser to get it to the right height but that's not a problem). However, even at the lowest setting it is too high for sitting. The lowest setting raises it 13 inches off the desk - ideal for me is my 6 inch riser off the desk. So it unfortunately does not do the job for me. This might work if my desk were lower or my chair could rise higher - everyone's situation may be different, but for me it does not work well.

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2014

Technical Specifications

  • DESCRIPTION: Adjustable height monitor riser for sitting & standing. Holds Single & Dual Monitors, iMacs.
  • Top Panel Size: 26.5" (w) by 15.75" (d)
  • Bottom Panel Size: 25"(w) by 10.5"(d)
  • Bottom Panel Height: 8"
  • Top Panel Max Height: 20"
  • Top Panel Min Height: 13"
  • # Height Settings: 6
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Max Load: 30lbs
  • Material: Wood & Aluminum
  • Supports: iMac, all-in-one's, Single Monitor, Dual Monitors
  • Multi-Pack Quantity: 1

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