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Add a new Wobble Stool to any Standing Desk for only $100!

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  • Wobble Stool - ergonomic office stool for sitting and standing
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Wobble Stool



Wobble Stool

The perfect stool for active sitting!

Wobble Stool is a fun chair that makes it easy to move around while sitting. It naturally tilts & moves under your control helping you stay active & productive at the office, home, or by the bar.

A rounded seat is a super comfortable and swivels 360. Seat height adjusts from 23" to 33"

  • NEW for 2017! Round, frameless seat with a waterfall cushion for increased comfort!
  • 13" diameter seat swivels 360
  • Plush fabric cushion is comfortable & cool
  • Unique design facilitates controlled movement

Self-stabilizing, weighted base returns upright after use

Height adjusts from 23" to 33" with a simple push-button under the seat

Available in Black, Blue or Red!

wsb-seat-close-up-white wsu-seat-close-up-white wsr-seat-close-up-wobble-stool-red


What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other specs?

Visit the Wobble Stoolwebpage and click on the word "SPECS"

Will Wobble Stool work on my wood floor, carpet, tile, etc.?

Wobble Stool’s base has a rubber non-skid coating that grips most floors such as wood, tile and carpet.

How do I assemble the Wobble Stool?

Visit the Wobble Stool webpage& watch the how-to assembly video. In short:
  1. Insert the thick end of the metal pole into the base & press down firmly.
  2. Screw the plastic collar onto the seat bottom & insert the 2 screws. Easiest if the stool is upside down, resting on the cushion.
  3. Align the seat with the top of the metal pole & press down firmly.

There are screws, but no guide holes … is this wrong?

Correct! The screws will bite into the plastic seat bottom forming a tight connection. Some assembly tips:
  1. Turn the seat upside down (so it’s resting on the cushion)
  2. Ensure that the plastic collar is screwed snugly against the seat bottom
  3. Angle the screws towards the seat bottom.

How do I adjust the seat height?

Wobble Stool works just like a common office chair. Press any one of the three under-seat buttons to raise the seat. Depress a button and sit on the seat or apply downward pressure to the seat to lower it.

It won’t adjust. What should I do?

Panic … no, please don’t.
Proper adjustment requires a tight connection between the 3 main parts of the stool
[1] seat
[2] metal pole
[3] base

If you’ve assembled the stool correctly and all pieces are aligned properly, grasp the metal pole and press down firmly into the base. Then press down firmly on the seat. Once things are snug, sit on the seat and gently bounce up and down to make sure the connection is tight.

This additional pressure should tighten the connections and allow for a very simple operation (i.e. other than pushing a button, no force is required to raise the seat)

How do I disassemble Wobble Stool?

Disassembly is essentially the reverse of assembly. The 3 main parts (seat, metal pole, base) are held together with friction and require some force to separate. This procedure is best done seated in a safe environment like on the floor:
  1. Extend Wobble Stool to max height
  2. Remove the seat by using your hands pull the seat towards you while simultaneously using your feet to push the base away.
  3. Pull the metal pole out of the base


Average Rating: 4 Stars
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  1. 5 Star Review Awesome stool!

    I've had my stool for more than 2 years, in fact I have 2 stools. I had surgery on my lower back several years ago and sitting at a desk is just not an option. I'm a programmer and have a standing desk (that I never lower) and struggled to find a solution that worked. I found this stool and gave it a try. It works great. It's well built, sturdy and easy to adjust. Others have mentioned that it can get a bit uncomfortable, and that's true, if you don't adjust yourself from time to time. I try to take small breaks once or twice an hour and use that time to change my position slightly. I can go all day without any discomfort issues by doing this.

    Posted by on 7th Dec 2016

  2. 3 Star Review It depends on how you plan to use it...

    The product itself seems sturdy and was easy to put together. Whether it's the right product for you depends on how you plan to use it. If you plan to primarily stand and only lean back on this for 5 or 10 minutes a few times during the day, then this product is great. If you actually have, for example, a bad back AND a bad knee, so you need to be able to take weight off of your knee several times a day and for longer than a few minutes, this won't work for you. If used more than 2 or 3 times a day, for longer then 5 or 10 minutes, this stool becomes extremely uncomfortable on the tailbone or the thighs or both. Myself and my office fellow were all really excited about the concept and, being stubborn, i was determined to make it work so i tried every conceivable sitting posture i could imagine but finally had to give up. Others in my office subsequently tried it and also abandoned it.

    Posted by on 23rd Sep 2015

  3. 3 Star Review not sure this will work for me

    It's hard to get this at the right height, at least it's challenging for me. Just beginning to use it so perhaps I'll figure it out over time.

    Posted by on 17th Aug 2015

  4. 4 Star Review Great for up and down sitting through the day and helps lower back ache

    For up and down sitting through the day it is great! Has alleviated lower back problems and allows some exercise for the lower back. Saddle seat could be a tad larger and have denser padding but is adequate. Strongly recommend if regular stool is tough on the lower back.

    Posted by on 1st May 2015

  5. 4 Star Review Excellent addition to the StandDesk

    Been using the chair for about a month. I'd give it 5 stars, except, when fully extended, it slides a little on my wooden flooring. Easy to fix, lower the desk a little and compress the chair. Can't sit has high as I would like, but it's still pretty nice for taking the weight off your feet once in a while.

    Some complain about it hurting the butt, my answer to that is it just means it is time to stand up. Overall, it's a good seat. I'm probably going to buy another one for my regular desk when they have a special.

    Posted by on 31st Mar 2015

  6. 3 Star Review Wishing for hand grasp

    Comfortable in a lower seated position. Wish there was an indention on underside to "grab and pull" the unit to where you want it. When you reach to move it up to you there is no "grasp" per se short of the indentions that allow it to rise (which you don't necessarily want it to do). Then you are back to finding the "spot" that you had it in. Pushing it away when standing is not a big issue..just kind of roll it away from you..it is the bringing it back that becomes an issue. AND, it feels like it "walks" under you when you get it up high enough to "lean" on rather than sit. Part of it is the fabric on seating seems to slide under you - doesn't grab - and part is the wobble base that will "twist/roll" if you are at too much angle.
    I do like it in the lower setting for a sit-for-a-bit stool (and my office is a flutter over it!) 2 have been ordered in the 1st week since mine arrived!!! it came in while I was out of office and those that came by could not resist the "sit and try" temptation!!1

    Posted by on 2nd Mar 2015

  7. 5 Star Review Best option for a wobble stool out there!

    We were in the market for a stand up station that had a wobble stool in case staff needed to sit momentarily and the wobble stool from uncaged ergonomics is the best out there!

    The only downfall would be the actual set up. We found the two screws that are to hold the seat into the hydraulic piece weren't long enough. We used two other screws and it was perfect!

    Highly recommended

    Posted by on 19th Nov 2014

  8. 3 Star Review wobble stool

    We love the concept of the chair the only thing i don't like is when you sit down the plastic around the seat after awhile starts hurting your butt. Plus what i would suggest is either covering that plastic on the seat with material or having less of it exposed. Also another thing some people did not know how to properly use this chair, do you sit on it or do you lean against it if you CAN sit on it and use it that way, so suggest you add nstructions. Would love love love to order more of those chairs but non of us are happy in the office....I think the company should add a guide what's the right way to use the chair so it actually helps your spine. Hope the next batch of chairs is better. The main concern is there is too much hard plastic on the side of the chair that really really is uncomfortable. Other than that the chair is an awesome design its good quality , not cheap, but the comfort of the chair, i would rate it 3 out of 5. Hope in the future we can buy more wobble stools, since our office uses only stand up desks.

    Posted by on 14th Nov 2014

  9. 5 Star Review At last...

    a comfortable seating option which helps with dicky back and stops leg crossing. Delivery was great - 6 days from US to Australia.

    Was a bit confused with putting together - the screws were mixed up in the packaging. That said, once I nailed it, it was easy.

    Feels sturdy and works well for me.

    Posted by on 5th Nov 2014

  10. 4 Star Review Good stool

    Had a hard time getting the seat to thoroughly connect. Emailed customer service and they told me to bounce on it. Bingo. That should be on the website! Seat isn't the most comfortable but I'm not sure what would be better. The best I've found for the price.

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2014

Technical Specifications

  • Description: Save 25% w/ code "MJ"! Adjustable-height bar stool that makes sitting fun & active! Burn calories, rock & move around. Great for home & office!
  • Seat Diameter: ~13"
  • Adjustable Height Range (approx): ~23-33"
  • Min Height [Floor to top of Seat Frame]: ~21"
  • Min Height [Floor To Top Of Cushion]: ~24"
  • Max Load: ~250lbs
  • Weight: ~21lbs
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue

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