WorkEZ Cool

Ships fast in ~24 hrs!
The best adjustable laptop cooling tray.

The best adjustable laptop cooling tray.

Work more places more comfortably!

  • 2 fans cool your laptop
  • 3 USB Ports power devices
  • Mouse pad clamps to either leg

All aluminum, WorkEZ Cool makes using laptops more comfortable in bed & on the couch. Plus it's a simple laptop standing desk

  • Adjust the height & angle however you want
  • Large 18" x 11" tray gives you lots of room
  • Made with the highest quality components

So many uses...

  • Put it on a desk or table to stand up and type
  • Slip it over your lap on the couch
  • Stretch out under the platform in bed - it's super comfortable
  • Folds away to an easy-to-stow package

WorkEZ Cool - an adjustable height and angle laptop desk that makes using a laptop more comfortable everywhere. A laptop Riser for sitting at a desk that adjust in height and angle to optimize your posture. It makes a comfortable, adjustable height laptop standing desk with a separate mouse pad. The wide profile slips over your lap, making it a comfortable laptop lap desk for bed or on the couch. It’s the best quality aluminum laptop workstation with 2 fans, 3 USB ports, and a mouse pad.


What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other specs?

Visit the WorkEZ Cool webpage and click on the word "SPECS"

What’s the difference between WorkEZ Cool and the other models?

WorkEZ Cool combines 2 products into 1 package: (1) WorkEZ Executive (2) WorkEZ Mouse Pad

WorkEZ Cool is identical to the WorkEZ Executive model with 2 Fans & 3 USB Ports

Compared to WorkEZ Professional & WorkEZ Light, WorkEZ Cool is wider, taller, has 2 cooling fans & 3 USB ports, and includes a mouse pad.

Why do I need it?

WorkEZ Cool is an ideal laptop standing desk for people who type directly on their laptop & use an external mouse. It’s also a comfortable lap desk that makes computing in bed & on the couch more enjoyable.

What is the "USB Fan & Hub"?

2 cooling fans and 3 USB ports to the stand. The cooling fans help prevent laptops from overheating. The 3 USB ports provide additional outlets that power accessories.

How does the cooling fan work? Do I need batteries?

A cord (included) connects the fan unit into a USB outlet on your computer. The fans are powered by your laptop’s USB Outlet. There is an on/off switch on the fan & 3 USB Ports so you can power accessories right through the stand.

Will WorkEZ Cool hold my laptop, monitor or other device?

WorkEZ Cool supports loads under 13lbs. In general, it holds most laptops and lightweight desktop monitors just fine.
Panel Size:
18" by 10"
Folded Size:
22" by 11" by 2"
Mouse Pad Dimension:
5.5" by 6.5"
Height Range:
Any height between 0" to 24"
Anodized Aluminum
~5 lbs
Max Load:
13 lbs
Amazing Laptop Workstation - 2 Fans, 3 USB ports & Mouse Pad
Width Between Legs: