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Save big on accessories with any Standing Desk Purchase
  • WorkEZ Professional - adjustable laptop stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Lap Desk for bed
  • WorkEZ Professional - Lap Desk Couch
  • WorkEZ Professional Specs Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Adjustable Tablet Stand for Bed
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Laptop Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Laptop Stand for the Couch
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Lap Desk
  • WorkEZ Professional - Adjustable Computer Monitor Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Laptop Standing Desk
  • WorkEZ Professional - Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand (silver)
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Reading Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Reading Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Joint

WorkEZ Professional

$39.99 $49.99
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WorkEZ Professional

The multi-purpose, compact, medium-sized WorkEZ model.

WorkEZ Professional

An incredible stand that holds laptops, tablets, monitors & books just about everywhere

WorkEZ Professional

Compact, multi-functional laptop desk

From sitting to standing, Professional raises screens to eye-level, gets your computer off your lap & keeps it cool --- 3-section articulating legs accordion up & down holding devices in the most comfortable position --- push-button joints rotate the panel for optimal viewing pleasure --- The perfect laptop cooling stand, lap desk, and a simple laptop standing desk --- Same functionality as Executive, but in a slimmer more-compact package.

The Perfect Lap Desk for Slimmer Folks

  • Gets your computer off your lap & keeps it cool
  • Easily adjust the screen to the perfect viewing angle
  • Slips over your lap so you can move your legs around freely
  • Perfect on the couch, recliner or in bed
  • All-aluminum construction is lightweight & stable
The Perfect Lap Desk for Slimmer Folks

Never hunch again!

Never hunch again!

  • Easily adjust screens to the perfect height & angle for you!
  • Open-space bottom helps you get organized
  • Works with tablets, documents & monitors
  • Aluminum panel cools laptops
  • Sit up straight!

Stand Up & Get Healthy!

  • Convert any desk or table into a laptop standing desk
  • Elevate the panel to any height - up to 18"
  • Grab a Mouse Pad if you use a separate mouse
  • Standing burns more calories than sitting
  • You can quickly move from standing to sitting
  • Great for meetings
  • A quick solution to help you stand up on the go
Stand Up & Get Healthy!

Not just for laptops...Professional supports books, tablets, iPads, monitors, e-Readers and just about anything else under 13lbs

WorkEZ Professional Uses

Compared to other WorkEZ Models

WorkEZ Professional is the medium-sized WorkEZ model.

Executive is taller, slightly heavier, has a wider panel & more width between legs

Light weighs less, has a smaller panel & 2-piece legs make it shorter & simpler


What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other specs?

Visit the WorkEZ Professional webpage and click on the word "SPECS".

Will it hold my laptop/monitor/tablet?

WorkEZ Professional supports max loads under 13lbs. In general, it holds most laptops and lighter, flat screen monitors safely. Every device is a little different, so please take some measurements and check the SPECS tab on the WorkEZ Professional webpage to ensure compatibility.

Does it work in bed or on the couch as a lap desk?

Yes, WorkEZ Professional is a comfortable, stable lap desk (especially for slimmer folks) that safely holds laptops, tablets and books for hands-free viewing.

What’s the difference between WorkEZ Professional and the other models?

WorkEZ Professional is the medium-sized WorkEZ stand.

WorkEZ Professional is more compact, lighter weight, has a 2" narrower panel, and extends 3" shorter than WorkEZ Executive.

Compared to WorkEZ Light, WorkEZ Professional is heavier, wider, and taller, has a 2" wider panel, extends 6" taller and has a 3rd leg segment for more height and stability as a lap desk.

Will it cool my laptop?

Yes. WorkEZ Professional has an aluminum panel that naturally dissipates heat to cool laptops.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Panel Size: 16.5" wide by 11" deep
  • Folded Size: 19" by 11" by 2"
  • Height Range: Adjustable: 0"-18"
  • Width between legs: 18.3"
  • Fits laptops: 16" and smaller
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Description: Medium-sized, perfect ergonomic stand for laptops, tablets, books & monitors

Product Videos

Uncaged WorkEZ...

Uncaged WorkEZ...

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