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  • WorkEZ Professional - adjustable laptop stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Lap Desk for bed
  • WorkEZ Professional - Lap Desk Couch
  • WorkEZ Professional Specs Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Adjustable Tablet Stand for Bed
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Laptop Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Laptop Stand for the Couch
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Lap Desk
  • WorkEZ Professional - Adjustable Computer Monitor Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Laptop Standing Desk
  • WorkEZ Professional - Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand (silver)
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Reading Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Ergonomic Reading Stand
  • WorkEZ Professional - Joint

WorkEZ Professional

$39.99 $49.99
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WorkEZ Professional

The multi-purpose, compact, medium-sized WorkEZ model.

WorkEZ Professional

An incredible stand that holds laptops, tablets, monitors & books just about everywhere.

Due to an unexpected spike in demand, BLACK color is BACKORDERED with an estimated ship date of Dec 1.

WorkEZ Professional

Compact, multi-functional laptop desk

From sitting to standing, Professional raises screens to eye-level, gets your computer off your lap & keeps it cool --- 3-section articulating legs accordion up & down holding devices in the most comfortable position --- push-button joints rotate the panel for optimal viewing pleasure --- The perfect laptop cooling stand, lap desk, and a simple laptop standing desk --- Same functionality as Executive, but in a slimmer more-compact package.

The Perfect Lap Desk for Slimmer Folks

  • Gets your computer off your lap & keeps it cool
  • Easily adjust the screen to the perfect viewing angle
  • Slips over your lap so you can move your legs around freely
  • Perfect on the couch, recliner or in bed
  • All-aluminum construction is lightweight & stable
The Perfect Lap Desk for Slimmer Folks

Never hunch again!

Never hunch again!

  • Easily adjust screens to the perfect height & angle for you!
  • Open-space bottom helps you get organized
  • Works with tablets, documents & monitors
  • Aluminum panel cools laptops
  • Sit up straight!

Stand Up & Get Healthy!

  • Convert any desk or table into a laptop standing desk
  • Elevate the panel to any height - up to 18"
  • Grab a Mouse Pad if you use a separate mouse
  • Standing burns more calories than sitting
  • You can quickly move from standing to sitting
  • Great for meetings
  • A quick solution to help you stand up on the go
Stand Up & Get Healthy!

Not just for laptops...Professional supports books, tablets, iPads, monitors, e-Readers and just about anything else under 13lbs

WorkEZ Professional Uses

Compared to other WorkEZ Models

WorkEZ Professional is the medium-sized WorkEZ model.

Executive is taller, slightly heavier, has a wider panel & more width between legs

Light weighs less, has a smaller panel & 2-piece legs make it shorter & simpler


What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other specs?

Visit the WorkEZ Professional webpage and click on the word "SPECS".

Will it hold my laptop/monitor/tablet?

WorkEZ Professional supports max loads under 13lbs. In general, it holds most laptops and lighter, flat screen monitors safely. Every device is a little different, so please take some measurements and check the SPECS tab on the WorkEZ Professional webpage to ensure compatibility.

Does it work in bed or on the couch as a lap desk?

Yes, WorkEZ Professional is a comfortable, stable lap desk (especially for slimmer folks) that safely holds laptops, tablets and books for hands-free viewing.

What’s the difference between WorkEZ Professional and the other models?

WorkEZ Professional is the medium-sized WorkEZ stand.

WorkEZ Professional is more compact, lighter weight, has a 2" narrower panel, and extends 3" shorter than WorkEZ Executive.

Compared to WorkEZ Light, WorkEZ Professional is heavier, wider, and taller, has a 2" wider panel, extends 6" taller and has a 3rd leg segment for more height and stability as a lap desk.

Will it cool my laptop?

Yes. WorkEZ Professional has an aluminum panel that naturally dissipates heat to cool laptops.


Average Rating: 5 Stars
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  1. 5 Star Review Really great product. I have three.

    Great finish, lightweight, intelligent adjustment mechanism, easy to use, and affordable. I have three of this model (for me and my wife) one in the bedroom, another in the home office, and one more in the living room.

    Posted by on 28th Feb 2017

  2. 2 Star Review Surprisingly Disappointed

    I was eager for your stand so that I could EASILY use my Macbook in my lap....but the shenanigans I had to go through to get it actually adjusted to my preferences were so annoying...and awkward, I soon realized it was not workable for me. I assumed the mechanisms for adjustments would be much easier.....disappointed..

    Posted by on 29th Dec 2015

  3. 4 Star Review A good affordable option

    There are many options for laptop stands/risers out there, and from my research, I believe these to be of better construction, and to have more flexibility, than many on the market. I bought them for a 20 person office, and all are satisfied with their use. They've helped alleviate a big problem of hunching over laptops in a way we could afford.

    I would recommend that the stands do not allow for quick adjustment from sitting to standing, and therefore do not facilitate hourly posture changes very efficiently. However, it's once set they are stable and easily adjust to the right height. If the laptop is on the stand, and you are using the laptop to type, the screen can get wobbly, so I'd recommend the additional keyboard tray if using for standing desk.

    A smart and approachable solution to many ergonomic problems.

    Posted by on 21st Dec 2015

  4. 5 Star Review Functional use at the best price

    As a chiropractor, I'm often trying to find ways for people to not only get out of painful positions but to have better posture and prevent future injuries. This product makes the "stand-up desk" possible and affordable for anyone. I have it in my clinic to show patients how it works, not only that, I do all my chart notes while standing and it saves my back.

    Posted by on 2nd Oct 2014

  5. 5 Star Review Only problem is my family keeps borrowing it.

    Bought this to use as a keyboard stand for my standup desk setup and as a laptop stand when we head to the beach. I'm ordering another one for my son so he will quit taking mine.

    Posted by on 13th Jun 2014

  6. 5 Star Review Great Product. Saved my Back.

    I have a herniated disk which gets worse from sitting. Terrible pain from sitting at my desk all day. Purchased the WorkEZ Professional thru ThinkGeek. What a great product. Allows me to work standing up with no pain. I can adjust the angles easily. I can move it from the desk to the credenza depending on the project I am working. Will be posting the URL to my LinkedIn account as I am sure there are others who can really benefit from the WorkEZ.

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2012

  7. 5 Star Review Nice Product!!!

    WorkEZ is a very useful and friendly product in my daily life.It makes using laptop or reading more comfortable.Therefore, don't miss it! WorkEZ is also a practical gift for your family or friends.

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2012

  8. 5 Star Review Big Help

    The aluminum makes a HUGE difference for cooling (even for my ancient laptop). My favorite use is as a lap desk - especially when traveling in the airport. WorkEZ Professional is compact, light and is a super useful and convenient laptop stand

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2012

  9. 5 Star Review Awesome Product

    To be honest, this product is really awesome, I like it very much.
    It is really usefull when I use my laptop or ipad in the bed before the bedtime.
    Good luck guys, it will be popular! : )

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2012

  10. 5 Star Review Works great with my laptop

    Just bought the black WorkEz Pro looks and feels great. Used in kitchen on table and in bed for the stand. Glad I got the wider one for 13" mac book pro gave me room for phone on side. Also liked the setup at the mall the display was nice with all the different units and colors available. I will see you soon and tell a lot of people about them there great.

    Thanks and good luck


    Posted by on 27th Oct 2012

  11. 5 Star Review Simple and Easy

    WOW!!!! what a great product. Took it out of the box and its so simple use. It adjusts to were you need be it to be.
    You won't go wrong .. This is the best thing I have purchased in a long time that actually works and is offered at a fair price.

    Look forward to buying more for gifts!!!!

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2012

  12. 5 Star Review Perfect Match

    The professional Work EZ is exactly what I have been searching for. It holds my 17" laptop perfectly for use in bed or the recliner. Setting it up for perfect balance is a bit tricky, but not terribly difficult. The light weight, non-slip pads at edge of shelf, and cooling fans make this a superb value. Have ordered a second one for my husband who likes this stand for the cooling effect and comfortable position of his laptop.
    Thanks to Uncaged Ergonomics for their fast delivery too!

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2012

Technical Specifications

  • Product Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Panel Size: 16.5" wide by 11" deep
  • Folded Size: 19" by 11" by 2"
  • Height Range: Adjustable: 0"-18"
  • Fits laptops: 16" and smaller
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Description: Medium-sized, perfect ergonomic stand for laptops, tablets, books & monitors
  • Width between inside of innermost leg segments: 15.25"
  • Width between inside of middle leg segments: 16.5"
  • Width between inside of outer leg segments: 17.75"
  • Width between outside of outer leg segments: 18.75"

Product Videos

Uncaged WorkEZ...

Uncaged WorkEZ...

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