Rise Up - electric adjustable height standing desk

Ships fast in ~24 hrs!
Best-In-Class Electric, Height-Adjustable Desk with an Eco-Bamboo Desktop.
Large & smooth 60x30" or 48x30" solid bamboo desktop
Memory keypad included
2 Motors + 3-Stage Lifting Columns
High Strength Steel Frame

Uncaged Ergonomics uses advanced manufacturing procedures to custom-build Rise Up. We include all the features you need in an ergonomic office desk (2 of the best motors, 3-stage lifting columns, memory keypad, anti-collision) and leave out the unnecessary fluff. Engineered to be used, Rise Up has been field tested for decades in offices across the globe.

Effortlessly adjust your desk to the proper height and optimize your sitting and standing posture with RISE UP. It's the perfect adjustable-height Standing Desk

RISE UP's Precision, Laser-Cut Steel Frame is Built to Last:

  • Industry Leading Motor Technology: decades of production experience and continual R&D means our motors are the best.
  • 3-Stage Lifting Columns (larger height range & load capacity)
  • Dual Motors (fast, smooth, even adjustment)
  • Anti-Collision (helps prevent lowering too far)
  • Memory Keypad: auto up/down + 4 memory presets

RISE UP's Solid Bamboo Desktop is Beautiful & Functional

  • Made of solid, natural bamboo
  • Eco-friendly. Grade A quality bamboo
  • Smooth, scratch-resistant surface wipes clean
  • Size: 60x30x1"
  • NEW! 2 Color Options: Natural Bamboo and Black!

RISE UP Includes

  • FREE Shipping (to continental USA physical addresses)
  • Simple assembly
  • 5 year warranty


What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other specs?

Visit the Rise Up webpage and click on the word "SPECS"

Can you make a custom desktop?

Our standard bamboo desktops measure ~60x32x0.75". For a nominal charge, we can easily cut them to a smaller size.

If you’d like a larger desktop, contact us for a custom pricing: info@UncagedErgonomics.com

How do I attach the desktop to the frame?

We include #6, ½" self-tapping wood screws that you can use to attach the desktop to the frame. You’re welcome to use any screw that you like and we suggest ½" long screws.

Can I attach my own desktop to the frame?

Most likely! Our steel frame has guide holes where you can securely screw almost any desktop to the frame. For glass desktops, we suggest using an adhesive to secure the desktop to the frame.

Help! The control panel is flashing an error code like "ASR"!

STEP 1: Unplug and replug all cables in correctly and securely.
STEP 2: Reset the control panel by:
  1. Press the down arrow to lower the desk all the way
  2. Press and hold the down arrow for about 4 seconds

If after taking these steps you are not seeing a number on the control panel’s screen, please call or email our help staff: 240-583-0517 / info@UncagedErgonomics.com

Dual Motor electric standing desk with memory + solid bamboo desktop 48x30” or 60x30”. 5 yr warranty. Free shipping.
** Desktop Dimensions:
* Height Range:
Adjustable from 26-51.6"
** Desktop Material:
Solid, Natural Bamboo
* Material:
High Strength Steel
** Desktop Weight:
~37 lbs
* Frame Color:
Choose: Black, White or Gray
Auto Up/Down + 4 Memory Presets
* Width (left-to-right):
Adjustable 42.3-71"
* Depth (front-to-back):
Anti-Collision Technology:
To help prevent lowering too far
* Lifting Capacity:
250 lbs
3-Stage Lifting Columns:
For faster adjustment & more height range
*There is NO crossbar:
NO crossbar b/c the reinforced frame is sturdy enough
2 Motors:
For fast, smooth, even adjusting
A fast, smooth & even 38 mm/s
Noise Level:
Quiet - only 50db
SKU = Rugbk | Color = Black Bamboo and Gray Frame | UPC = 712038309856
SKU = RUwbk | Color = Black Bamboo and White Frame | UPC = 712038309993